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Do not let low rating scores, negative comments annoy you. Reviews determine the reputation of your app. As low rating scores and negative let your app lose ranking, they also constitute a great barrier for your users to install your app. What about increasing the reputation of your app with the comments you determine in 16 different countries?

Let Your App Enjoy the Reputation It Deserves

You determine the comments and star ratings in Play Store Review service. Absolutely, no undesired comments will be shared. The score of your app will increase in a short time and the ranking of your app will increase in the same proportion.

Low Removal Rate

Play Store uses some filters for the reviews. Boost App Store has the most organic structure and lowest removal rate when compared to its alternatives.

0% Risk

Play Store Review service has fully organic features. Therefore, it does not bear any risks for your app. You can use it safely.

100% Warranty and Compensation

All reviews you bought will be checked at the end of the 3rd day after your campaign ends. The fee of the removed reviews will be returned to your account.

Install Now, Review Later

Don’t you want to receive reviews right after your app is installed? Boost App Store offers another amazing feature for you. “Delayed review service” You can request reviews whenever you want within 7 days after your app is installed.

Use the Comments on Other Apps

You can download the 5-star comments of other apps on your device and edit and use them. Thus, you will not have to use a new comments list.


Here are some suggestions for you to achieve better performance while using Boost App Store Review services:

1. Create a separate comment list for each app and each campaign, avoid using repeating comments. Never use the same comment list in more than one app. This will let your comments filtered before they are posted on your app.

2. Click on the “Delete Invalid Comments” button after you provide your comments on the “Add/Edit Comments” section. Thus, you can list the comments you will get the most performance.

3. Choose “Distribute the operation for 24 hours” in the delivery option. The removal rates can be high in quick delivery.

4. For organic and maximum performance, we recommend your review count should be 20% of your install count at most. 200 reviews for 1000 installs will be healthier

Now, you are ready to benefit from our Play Store Review service. What about trying it now?

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