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Hit the Bull’s-Eye!

We offer you an opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors. All you need to do is identify the high-traffic keywords and benefit from our Keyword Installs service. Boost App Store allows your app to be searched on 16 different locations with the keywords you determine and the installation of your app. You can rank in the first place and reach more organic users.

How Should My Strategy Be?

1. Pick Countries

Determine your target audience and countries you want to rank higher.

2. Pick Keywords

Determine the keywords that you believe they can contribute to the installation of your app and add them to the Boost App Store keywords section. You need to rank in the top 250 for the keywords you determine. If your app does not rank in the top 250 for many keywords, for now, you can check our Package Name Install and Review services.

3. Set a Budget

It is as important to remain at the top of the lists as reaching the top. You need to prefer long-term plans instead of daily plans. Keep in mind that persistence is very important for app markets. Set a monthly budget and proceed to the next step.

4. How Many Installs and Reviews I Should Buy?

You need to determine your installs and reviews according to the competition in your keywords and your competitors. Your review count should be 20% of your install count at most. If you are going to buy 1,000 installs daily, then 200 daily reviews will be ideal for you.

The minimum daily install counts based on the difficulty levels of your keywords:

Difficulty LevelMinimum Keyword Install
75% – 90%150
65% – 74%100
40% – 64%60
Less than 40%30

You can learn the difficulty level of your keywords by adding them to the Boost App Store keyword section.

You can also get detailed and free information on analysis and planning by contacting your Boost App Store sales representative.

5. You Are All Set!

Now, you are ready to receive Keyword Install and Review services! You can enjoy the rise of your app with the weekly plans you are going to create on Boost App Store.

Get detailed information.

You can get detailed information by contacting your Boost App Store sales representative. Besides, we recommend reading our ASO articles.

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