This Agreement defines and states the following terms and conditions between BoostApp.Store (“BoostApp”, “We”, “Our”, “System”), founded by Doğukan Aydınlı and Customers.
Visiting this website or using any of the information provided on this website or benefiting from any of the services provided on this website means you agree to the following terms.
BoostApp cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may arise due to the breach of the agreement, wrongful acts or other reasons due to visiting this website or use of website or information provided on the website and other data, programs, etc. BoostApp does not accept any responsibility for the interruption of the services, errors, neglects or other kinds of interruptions as a result of the breach of the agreement, wrongful acts or other reasons.
BoostApp reserves the right for the alterations of the information provided on the website, reorganizing the website and cease the services without prior notice including all available services, products, and conditions of the website and website’s extensions. The changes take effect at the time of the publication on the website. Users also deemed to have been accepted these changes by keep using or accessing the website. These conditions also apply to all other linked web pages.
BoostApp does not accept any responsibility for the interruption of services, errors, negligence, cease, deletion, loss, delay of the services or communication, malware, communication failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized entry, modification or use of the data as a result of breach of the agreement, wrongful acts or other reasons.

BoostApp.Store Contact Information:
WhatsApp: +44 (730) 887 96 23
E-mail: [email protected]


Customer refers to person/organization (who “logins to”, “receives services from”, “want to receive services from” BoostApp)
Service refers to all kinds of paid/free works offered by BoostApp.
The Website refers to BoostApp.Store and all subdomains accessed through the Internet.
Credit refers to the balance available on the website that allows the customer to purchase services.
The Government refers to the Republic of Turkey.
Laws refer to the laws of the Republic of Turkey.
Party refers to each of the parties of the agreement.
The User must read this agreement carefully before receiving any Service.
Each User receiving any Service is deemed to have accepted this agreement. This condition applies to all Users.


– The Customer must complete the registration by his/her identity. It is strictly forbidden to register with someone else’s identity.
– The Customer must complete the registration as an authorized person when registering on behalf of an organization.
– Registered Users accept that they are older than 18.
– Users accept that the registration information is complete and correct.
– BoostApp reserves the right to suspend the account until the identity of the suspected account is verified.
– Each account owner is obliged to comply with the laws.
– If suspected from account theft, BoostApp may suspend the account.
– BoostApp reserves the right to suspend the Customer’s account for a limited/unlimited period without any notification.
– The Customer is obliged to provide account security. The Customer is obliged to notify BoostApp in case of any unauthorized access or operation on the account.
– Accounts are not transferable.
– The Customer is responsible for all the transactions performed on the account.


– Each customer is responsible for the Service they receive. BoostApp does not accept any responsibility for any damages that occur or may arise as a result of the services received by the customers.
– BoostApp is obliged to provide free compensation services in the specified services. Unless otherwise states, compensation is performed only once per service. Compensation for the same service cannot be requested again once the compensation service is provided. Compensation of the compensation service is not offered.
– If the service received by the customer is delivered incomplete or incorrectly, the cost of the remaining service will be returned to the Customer.
– Incorrect operations due to the missing or incorrect information provided by the Customer is in Customer’s responsibility. The right of compensation is reserved by BoostApp.


– BoostApp.Store provides install, review (comment & stars) services by promoting devices registered on the system to increase the value of the Customer’s mobile application.
– The keyword ranking service is provided for free.

– The Customer needs to pay by using the payment methods available on BoostApp.
– BoostApp provides the specified credit in the Customer’s account in return for the payment.
– The Customer accepts and declares that the credit/debit card used, for the payment of the Services subject to this Agreement, belonging to him and/or someone else is a valid bank card and has his/cardholder’s consent for the payment of these fees from this debit/credit card.


– As described above, credit is a balance that is created for customers to receive services, can be purchased with payment and determine service values. Credit functions as cash within the system.
– Purchased credits cannot be transferred to another account or Customer.
– BoostApp is authorized to change the sale price of the credits at any time.
– Credits are offered through packages determined by BoostApp.


– Each credit purchased is billed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey and digital signature approved invoice is sent to the customer’s email address.
– The invoice is prepared in accordance with the information provided by the Customer. The Customer accepts the accuracy of the information provided. The customer is responsible for any damages arising from an incorrect arrangement of the invoice as a result of misinformation provided by the Customer.


– The Customer cannot convert the purchased credits to cash. The customer cannot request a full or partial refund.
– In the case of a chargeback, the account of the Customer will be suspended.
– Completed services cannot be canceled.
– Canceled services cannot be resumed and new service needs to be purchased.
– Credits available in the terminated or suspended accounts will not be refunded.
– The customer accepts, declares and commits to providing the necessary technical and hardware infrastructure requirements to benefit from the Services.


– In the case of infiltration, damage, alteration of data, unauthorized copying of contents with any intent, BoostApp will initiate the necessary legal actions.
– The Customer will not make any requests from BoostApp including, but not limited to, due to the Services may not be provided at all or as required or in case of temporary or permanent interruption of Services because of the safety problems caused by users or in the case of failure of the computer, equipment, and equipment used by the Customer, data transfer and connection problems, natural disasters, legal barriers, general problems that would prevent the provision of wide range of Products and Services in telecommunications and energy infrastructures beyond the control of BoostApp. In this context, BoostApp will not be held responsible for Service interruptions under or beyond the control of BoostApp and cyber-attacks carried out by 3rd parties.
– Although all kinds of precautions and measures are taken, BoostApp can narrow the scope of the services offered or stop them completely in case of cogent grounds in accordance with the communiqués, circulars, and principles issued by the competent authorities under national or international laws. The Customer accepts, declares and commits in advance that BoostApp will not be held responsible for damages and losses that may arise due to such reasons.
– The Customer accepts, declares and commits that he/she will avoid all kinds of actions and behaviors that can damage the hardware and technical infrastructure of the provided software or affect the continuity of these structures.
– For the validity of rights and obligations regarding the Products and Services offered to the Customer and offered through this Agreement, the Customer must be over 18 years of age without prejudice to the exceptions in the relevant legislation. Therefore, if the Customer is a natural entity, the Customer is deemed to be older than 18 years old upon the acceptance of the Agreement. If the Customer is younger than 18, the Customer shall be deemed to have received approval/permission from the parent and/or guardian upon the acceptance of the Agreement.


– All intellectual property, ownership, and interest belong to BoostApp for all kinds of software and source codes, design, visual materials, business model, content, photos and all intellectual and/or commercial rights on the Website. Any provision in the Website, Agreement and/or Content cannot be interpreted as one or all of these rights belong to the Customer. Under this Agreement, a non-exclusive, worldwide, end-user license is granted exclusively to the Customer, which cannot be sub-licensed and transferred for Customers to use the Website to take benefit from Products and Services.
– The Customer can only use the Website for the purposes stated in this Agreement. The Customer cannot use, copy, transfer or perform an application to access the site’s source code or directory, including reverse engineering for Website or any content, information or image on the Website.
– The customer use BoostApp and/or its subsidiaries’ trade name, trademark, service mark, logo, domain name, etc. for any purpose.
– The Customer accepts and understands that BoostApp will be authorized to disclose confidential/private/commercial information of customers to the authorities upon request form the public authorities in accordance with the applicable mandatory legislation provisions and the Privacy Policy published on the Website and accepts and commits that the Customer will not claim compensation from BoostApp under any circumstances.
– The safety, use, storage and confidentiality of the means of access to the system (username, password, etc.) used in order to benefit from the services offered through the Website are the sole responsibility of the Customer. Every operation performed with the username and password of the Customer will be deemed to have been realized by the Customer. BoostApp has no direct or indirect liability for damages suffered or incurred by Customers and/or third parties due to all negligence and flaws in safety, use, storage and confidentiality of the means of access to the system and Website. BoostApp reserves the right to full recourse.
– The occurrence of circumstances which are beyond the control of the Parties and which prevent and/or delay the fulfillment of the obligations of the Parties under this Agreement such as strikes, lockouts, cyber-attacks, war, civil war, terrorist acts, earthquakes, fire, flood, similar natural disasters, and similar situations are accepted as force majeure. In the event of such force majeure or similar reasons, any Party, cannot be held responsible for failing to fulfill its obligations fully or timely as long as force majeure continues. In case these circumstances last more than 90 (ninety) days, the other Party has the right to terminate the Agreement by providing notification pursuant to Article 18 (3) of the Turkish Commercial Code to the Party affected by force majeure. The Party unable to fulfill its obligations due to force majeure will notify the other Party with written notification as soon as possible.
– The Customer cannot transfer and assign the receivables, rights, and obligations arising from this Agreement to third parties without BoostApp’s prior written consent. Otherwise, BoostApp will have the right to rightful termination of this Agreement immediately.
– Under this Agreement and its annexes, all kinds of documents, minutes, reports, receipts, faxes and fax records, e-mail and similar documents within the scope of Law No 6100 on Civil Procedure with computer records, commercial books, and records of the taxpayer have the nature of definitive evidence agreement in the eye of administrative or judicial bodies.
– This Agreement is subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Kocaeli (Gebze) Courts and Execution Offices are exclusively authorized for any dispute arising out of the interpretation or application of this Agreement. This is the translation of the original agreement and in case of any dispute in the translation, the original document will be accepted as the main source.

– BoostApp may contact the Customer for any purpose such as offering and providing information on campaigns, advantages, promotions, advertisements, surveys, research and other customer satisfaction practices conducted by BoostApp through Customer’s contact information including the mobile phone number and e-mail address provided by the Customer. The customer is allowed to be contacted. In this context, the Customers permit contact. If the Customer does not want to be contacted, then he/she should contact BoostApp.