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We have combined the artificial intelligence with android devices.
We make completely independent with the special IP addresses we assign to our all devices.
Android devices never uninstall your app or do not leave any reviews without your permission.
As a result, higher quality services are provided as a combination of organic and regular operations.

advanced features

It is impossible to find this feature elsewhere :


Never Uninstall!

Devices do not uninstall your app after installing it. In this way, the number of the users of your app will increase in application stores.


You Will Determine the Reviews and Stars

You determine the reviews and stars. Thus, there will be no risk of unwanted comments.


Comment Cloning Feature

You don't want to write comments one by one? You can copy the entire comments of any app. Thus, you can save time.


Always Fresh

Devices are updated periodically every day. Devices that have been serving for a long time will be retired to open space for new devices.


Instant Action

You can buy installs, reviews, and comments through our automatic dashboard whenever you want. You can even start the compensation process immediately if there are any removed comments!


Easy Payment

You can pay securely with your credit card at any time with 3D security. Your balance will be credited to your account once your payment is approved.


The Best Deal in the World Market

We charge $0.04 per install and $0.04 per review. We offer the best deal in the world.


100% Compensate

If your comments are deleted, you can perform a one-time completely free compensation.


Fast Support

You can contact us at any time via Whatsapp on +90 537 046 1364.

We care about you

Your questions and suggestions are always welcome

We are doing our best to offer a solution to your problems and we will continue to do so. We would like to answer some of your frequently asked questions:

Will my app banned due to your service?

This is not possible. We have been working in the mobile app industry for many years. We have never witnessed Google terminate or ban any application or account because of such a service. If such a thing would be the case, of course, someone would try to use it against his competitors. Our services are completely safe for you, your account and your app.

Will my app ranking rise in app markets?

While 85% of our own apps, which we are working on, had a major increase, 15% of the apps had a minor increase. But otherwise is not observed at all.

Will the comments I buy be deleted?

As a service provider, we pay great importance to honesty and thus, we cannot guarantee this. While the comments on the 90% of the apps, which we are working on, removed in small amounts, the comments on 10% of the apps removed in large amounts. However, we provide a one-time free compensation service to hold our valued customers harmless. Thus, your deleted comments will be replaced and your loss will be prevented.

What are the install and review limits?

You can buy at least 100 installs via our system and there is no limitation on reviews. You can check the maximum amount you can buy through your dashboard as our active devices are updated daily.

Do you share your customers' information, who receive services over BoostApp.Store?

DEFINETLY, NO We do not share any information about our customers' apps. We only share your billing information with relevant parties. This information does not contain any information about your apps.

Excellent Service!

I received different services for our games before we started working with BoostApp.Store. I decided to try BoostApp.Store because of the costs. I am enjoying the installs and reviews that I bought for a week. My ad revenues have almost doubled. Thank you boost app store.

Richard T.

Practical Dashboard

I have never seen such a detailed and easy-to-use dashboard before. The ability to control scores and determine the comments by myself is awesome. Even the 100 installs I buy every day have had an amazing effect. I definitely recommend.

Cristina M.

Fast and Caring Support

They have the support that provides solutions to my problems apart from the dashboard. Thanks a lot to boostapp.store, which is always caring its customer :)

Thomas K.