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Google Play Store ASO: Backlinks

Backlinks are the links that direct the users from one website to another. For example, when you type <a href=””>buy play store installs </a> by using HTML tags, you include address to “buy play store installs” phrase. Then, search engines match the “buy play store installs” phrase with website and ranking algorithms use this data.

It has two types: Dofollow and Nofollow

Dofollow: It means that the website, which shares the link, is kind of a guarantor for the linked website. It is included in the ranking algorithms by search engines. Dofollow is the default value when defining a link and there is no need to define a separate parameter.

Nofollow: It means that the website, which shares the link, is not a guarantor for the linked website. Thus, it is bypassed by search engines. Nofollow links require the use of an additional parameter. It will be enough to add rel=”nofollow” to HTML “a” tag.


<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>buy play store installs</a>

How Do I Get Backlinks?

You can share your links on forums, social media networks, and guest books or you can promote your app by running your own blogs. Besides, you can also buy backlinks by paying a fee by contacting website owners on different forums.

Quality Backlink Network

Several methods have been developed by search engines to determine the backlink quality due to the excessive abuse of backlinks. You can check the quality of the website you are going to buy links with tools such as Majestic ( or MOZ Open Explorer ( Keep in mind that as the link you are going to buy from a quality website can have a positive effect on your app, links you are going to buy from poor quality (spam) websites can have a negative effect on your app too.

Their Effects in Terms of ASO

Many ASO experts agree that dofollow backlinks have a positive effect on Google Play Store search results. Here are the benefits of quality dofollow backlinks for your app:

– Not all users install your app by using the app market software. Users can also access your app by using search engines. Your chances of ranking high in search results increase when you have a good backlink network. Thus, users will be able to access your app market link through search engines and you will be able to reach a greater audience.

– You need to pay attention to backlinks provided by defining your app link in app markets. You can rank higher by creating a quality backlink network.

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